Teaching in China
English opens the mind, education touches the heart.
Hi,Welcome to China
China is an amazing country, definitely worth a visit.
Life in China
In the past 30 years China has been the fastest growing economy in the world and an exciting place to live and work. With the development of economy, more and more students want to learn English, and ESL (English as Second Language) market started to boom and foreign teachers are popular in China. There are many opportunities to teach English in China, including but not limited to preschool, university, private schools and institutes, companies, and personal tutoring. High salaries and low cost of living attract thousands of international teachers to come every year. Public schools are tightly governed by Chinese government, while the private schools have much more freedom to set work schedules, pay, and requirements. Companies vary a lot depending on the number of employees they want to train and could employ a teacher for one or two classes a week. Tutoring also varies as in some cases a whole family is being trained or just one member. Some teachers are working independently with several contracts for tutoring, individual college classes, and some company work. The majority of teachers accept contracts with the schools. Public school contracts are fairly standard while the private schools set their own requirements. Because of the large numbers of English teachers needs in China, teachers with good English language skills are able to find ideal positions. Apply Now!