Teaching in China
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How to Teach in China- The Process
How to Teach in China- The Process
Candidates interested in full-time employment with Lingua Education should follow the proper procedure for obtaining a work visa. This process generally takes around two to three months, but can vary depending on your home country due to the length of time needed to acquire certain documents. Below is a basic diagram that depicts how it works, with a detailed explanation to follow:
1.Register on our Website Alternate TextFollow the steps to complete registration
2.Apply via our Website Alternate TextSearch for jobs via “All Jobs” tab
3.HR Contacts You Alternate TextOur HR department will review applications and contact you directly if we feel that you are qualified for the position
4.Cooperate with HR Alternate TextHR will ask you for info such as CV, a self-introduction video, and teaching video (if available)
5.Sign Initial Contract Alternate TextHR will send you an initial contract, which indicates your agreement to our terms and commitment to us
6.Begin Visa Process Alternate TextUpon your commitment, we will begin to apply for your work permit (the first step in the visa process)
7.Prepare Visa Documents Alternate TextStart preparing the DOCUMENTS FOR WORK VISA (link)
8.Contact from Sales Consultant Alternate TextOur sales department will contact you to match your qualifications with our client’s requirements
Alternate TextConfirm all relevant details such as rates, client age and ability, schedule, venue, etc, with the consultant
Alternate TextStudy the information about the potential client so you are prepared for the interview
9.Interview with the client Alternate TextMeet the client via video chat or in person (if in China)
Alternate TextDeliver a short demo class (if possible)
10.Finalize the contract Alternate TextConfirm details about time and frequency of classes, starting date, and other relevant info with sales consultant
Alternate TextAddress any potential issues with the contract
11.Book flight ticket Alternate TextOnce the detailed contract is signed, the candidate should book a flight ASAP to eliminate uncertainty of the fluctuations in the price of tickets
12.Complete Z Visa Alternate TextOnce your Z Visa is processed, you are ready to enter China!
Alternate TextThe completion of your Z Visa should coordinate with your anticipated entry date into China
13.Arrive to China Alternate TextWe recommend arriving 5 days prior to your first day of work. Lingua will pay for your accommodation these 5 days
14.Orientation & Initial Training Alternate TextArrive to our corporate office in Shanghai and attend orientation and initial training with us
Alternate TextWe will help with setting up bank account, cell phone, etc
15.Start teaching Alternate TextBegin your first day of work as a Lingua Education teacher!
16.Get paid Alternate TextWe will help you set up a Chinese bank account, and you will be paid on time every month, guaranteed!