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Q&A Regarding Work Visa
Can I come to China without a work visa?
Yes, you can come to China with a different visa type (business, tourist, etc) and the then switch to work visa later. We suggest starting with a business visa and then eventually transferring to a work visa.
What are the documents and procedure of working visa application?
The process of working visa application after get all the documents is as follows:


Working permit notification--20-25 working days

a) online application--5 working days

b) submit paper documents (15-20 working days)

Documents required (digital and original)

  • CV
  • Passport ID page scanned copy (at least with 6 months’ validity)
  • Degree /Notarized degree scanned copy (with translated Chinese version)
  • Working reference letter (2 years' working experience after graduation of bachelor degree and with company’s stamp/ logo/ name/ Contact information)/signature)
  • Authenticated Non-criminal check report scanned copy (with translated Chinese version)
  • Digital photo (2 inches with white background taken within 6 months)
  • Physical examination report (within 6 months)
  • Visa pages of China (if you ever been in China)

After get the work notification (work permit), you can apply for the one-month temporary work visa to enter China in the Chinese embassy in your home country.


One-year Residence Permit application & work permit –15 working days. (applicants should show up in the exit and entry bureau in person and passport will be kept for 7 days before the residence permit is issued; work permit will be processed approximately one week later)

Documents required

  • Passport- original
  • Accommodation registration form-original
  • Physical examination report in China-original
  • 4 physical photos(two inches same as the digital version)
Where and how can I get degree and non-criminal record notarized?
You will need to check with your local embassy/consulate or other authority as the process varies greatly between countries. The non-criminal record generally can be provided by the local police bureau and notarized by the Chinese embassy or consulate in your home country. Your degree should be notarized by the embassy of the country where your degree is issued or can be authenticated by overseas study association center in China.
I am holding a work visa and my work permit will expire in 2 months. Can you extend it for me? If so, how long it will take? What are the documents of visa renewal and do I need to provide non-criminal record?
Yes, we can renew your visa and work permit and the following materials required are below :
  • Passport (with at least 6 months’ validity)
  • Original /notarized degree
  • Photo (2 inches with white background)
  • Resume
  • Temporary registration form
  • Work permit cancellation letter and resignation record from former employer.

(The extension of the employment permit has to get renewed one month in advance before the expiry date and it will take at least 15 working days; 7 working days for residence permit renewal)

I managed to get a work visa by myself. Do I need to get a new one from your company?
According to the work visa policy, an employee should have a work visa issued by the company that they are currently working for. So, we can provide a new visa for you.
How long will my passport be kept by the Chinese government when applying for a work visa?
Passport will be kept in the exit and entry bureau for 7 working days. The bureau will issue you a receipt upon application. This receipt can be taken to buy the train and plane tickets, but you may ONLY travel within China. International travel with this receipt is not allowed.
Regarding Positions:
What available positions do you have?
There are full-time and part-time teaching positions including kindergartens, training centers, public and international schools, and universities in Shanghai and other cities. The majority of our positions are located in the south of China.
May I know what you offer?

Our salary offers completely depend on your qualifications and background. The general range is 10-18K RMB per month for non-native, 15-25K for native speakers. Some exceptions apply (for example, non-native speakers with 5 years of experience and no accent can earn above 18k).

In addition to competitive salary, our company offers an excellent benefits package including:

  • Working Visa (Z Visa) Provided
  • 7,000 RMB annual flight allowance
  • Quarterly bonuses totaling up to 6k per year
  • Annual leave/sick days + all public Chinese Holidays off work
  • Accident insurance and annual health check provided
  • Airport collection & maximum 5-day hotel stay on arrival
  • Ongoing support throughout entirety of contract from our caring and experienced team
  • Assistance finding an apartment, setting up bank account, etc
  • Monthly Team Building activities that are fun and unique
  • Voluntary overtime available along with additional part-time jobs from other Lingua Education school clients for those seeking extra income
I am looking for a job but will not be able to start for another 6 months. Will you still have openings then?
Yes, definitely. We work with hundreds of schools in China and hire teachers year-round. The visa process can take 2 to 3 months (or more in some cases), so we suggest that you start the process months in advance in case there are any unforeseen issues in acquiring your visa documents. You can begin interviewing with schools as soon as you sign your contract and commit to us.
I am looking for jobs in cities outside of Shanghai. Do you any vacancies in these cities?
Yes, we have positions available in cities all over China. Our headquarters are in Shanghai, but we have branch offices in Chengdu, Hangzhou, and Shenzhen. You can send us your CV/introduction video /teaching videos and we will show your documents to our partners in other cities, as they have a deeper understanding of the local market.